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Thank you so much for all you did for our wedding in August. Our popcorn bar was a huge success and everyone raved about all the flavors. We especially loved the Buffalo Supreme and Mudslide! You certainly have fans for life in us - and our entire extended family. Thank you again for being so great to work with and for everything you did to make our day amazing.

- Jessica & Jonathan F., Brookline, MA

My mother bought me a bag of your popcorn for my birthday. She chose it because, number one, popcorn is my favorite food; and number two, her name is Michele spelled the same way as yours. I have to tell you that it far exceeded my expectations. It is AMAZING!! She got me the chocolate caramel flavor. I was expecting something heavy and overly sweet, as I have been burned by this kind of thing before, but yours was the most amazing combination of sweet/salty/light/rich/crunchy that I could have hoped for. I would like to visit your store at some point soon to get stocking stuffers. I just have to figure out where Epsom is! Thanks so much for making such a perfect treat!

- Jennifer L., Nashua, NH

Awesome! Thanks for making it easy to be a great customer by being so great yourself. I will always come back to you and your thoughtful treats.

- Mark D., New York, NY

The popcorn was delicious as always, and a huge hit with the guests - thanks so much! (Kristen had a popcorn bar at her wedding reception)

- Kristin, NH

Thank you for doing all the extra work to ensure that my mom receives her Mother's Day popcorn!

- Krista A., NH

Your popcorn is TO DIE FOR! I eat alot of caramel corn, and yours just nails the salty-sweet happy fun flavor explosion thing! I met and bought a bag from you at the Concord Farmers Market at Cole's a few weeks ago and gobbled it up in no time, sort of sharing it with my kids, but mostly not...(Hey us hard- working moms have to have a little treat just for ourselves sometimes!

- Cammy N., NH

I got your package last night and just cracked open the chocolate caramel variety, and I'd like to say that I totally undersold your products. WOW! I am so impressed. My wonderful boyfriend, the PICKIEST eater on the planet!!, made a face as I practically forced him to taste test the chocolate caramel, and then he just said " more?" KUDOS to you!! It's amazing stuff. I nipped a quick taste of the plain caramel - outstanding! Thank you SO much for sending me some.

- Annette G., Coral Springs, FL